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5 Ways to Create a Luxury Bridal Experience

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Are you a seasoned or aspiring makeup artist trying to improve your bridal experience? Continue reading to learn how to create a luxe experience from beginning to end.

Create a Hassle-free Booking Process

Creating a hassle-free booking process is key. Avoid creating a complicated process that will confuse your brides. If you need to hire additional help to keep you organized and allow you to be more prompt and concise, hire them. You can also use your resources to create a professional and sleek process–trust me, your clients notice.

Here are a few ways to make the booking process hassle free:

  • Create a detailed bridal pdf to provide your brides with readily available information (detail pricing, travel, and more)

  • Create a dedicated webpage for your bridal information to keep everything in one place

  • Send invoices to collect payments

  • Maintain all communication through email

  • Be prompt and clear with communication

  • Use adobe sign, square contracts, or other online services to create a professional booking experience

Offer Convenient Luxe Add-ons

There are many ways that you can enhance your client’s bridal experience. Offering products that will help make your bride’s day go smoothly will not only serve as a convenience to them but also add value to your services! You want to offer products that are affordable, easy to assemble, and efficient to travel with.

Here are a few add-ons to consider:

  • Touch-up kits

  • Mini emergency kit

  • On-the-go Hygiene kit

Create a Custom Questionnaire for Your Bride

Questionnaires are useful tools to use in your bridal booking process. Not only does it allow you to collect detailed information about your bride, it makes your bride feel like their vision is being captured in an organized fashion. This attention to detail streamlines the process, making it a luxe and professional experience overall.

Go Above and Beyond

Your bridal experience should go well beyond the bridal makeup application. You should focus on the many ways you can show up for your bride for her big day. Whether she needs help getting into her dress, settling her nerves before walking down the aisle, or a few words of encouragement, going above and beyond makes all the difference. Your bride will forever be appreciative and filled with gratitude for your services and your commitment to making their day perfect regardless of your role.

Stay Communicative

Communication is a huge component of creating a luxury experience. Timely responses show your brides that they matter and that you dedicate time to responding to their needs and concerns. Communication helps build rapport, which allows you and the bride to connect on a deeper level. Good communication is excellent for creating an intimate and luxe experience that will set you apart from the rest.

Give your brides the luxury experience they deserve.

At Chelsea M Artistry, I believe in bridal luxury. Whether it’s the seamless booking process, flawless makeup application, or streamlined customer service experience, my brides always feel catered to. If you’re a 2023 bride looking for a luxe experience, you can submit an inquiry today.

Stay fabulous and stay tuned for the next blog!


Chelsea M

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Russell Severe
Russell Severe
Dec 06, 2022

Wow, these are some amazing tips. I've been looking for a good makeup artist in Orlando for a minute. You rock, Chelsea in Orlando!


These are some excellent tips. Love it!!

Replying to

Thank you ☺️💕

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