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3 Ways to Stop Your Concealer From Creasing

There's nothing worse than a cakey, creasy undereye. I personally struggled with achieving a flawless undereye until I incorporated these techniques with myself and my clients. Continue reading to learn how to step up your base game in three easy steps.

Prep Your Undereye

Prepping your undereye (and skin) is an essential first step to ensuring a seamless application. If you have dry skin or even oily skin, you shouldn't be skipping this step.

Prep your undereye area by using your ring finger and gently tapping under the eye with an eye-cream or moisturizer. You can even use a pore filling silicon-based primer to fill in those fine lines.

A well-moisturized base will help prevent creasing as product cannot cake up in your fine lines. If your under-eyes need a little extra TLC, throw on some gel patches to hydrate and rejuvenate your under-eye area.

Try out these products for under-eye prep:

  • Ponds moisturizer

  • MILK Hydro Grip Primer

  • REM Beauty Undereye Balm

  • Good Molecules Eye Cream

Use Less Product

If your concealer keeps creasing, you're probably using waaay too much product! A little goes a long way. Take your time building up the coverage you need by adding extra product as you go. Too much product at one time builds cakey-ness that you don't want! Use a bit less and control the amount of concealer you're adding for a flawless finish.

Blend Before Setting Your Under-eyes

Be sure to blend, blend, and blend some more! You'll know your done blending when the base is smooth and there are no creases under the eye. Look up to the ceiling while you're blending so you get into those creases and fine lines.

Use a DAMP and CLEAN beauty blender to gently pat a thin layer of powder under the eye. Just like the concealer, you don't want to go in heavy with the powder. Pro tip: Press the beauty blender with the powder on the back of your hand before setting the under-eye. This will help you avoid caking on the powder.

I always ensure a flawless under eye when setting my clients. If you need a little more help figuring out how to perfect this under eye application, I always have 1:1 makeup classes available! Whether you want to learn on yourself or others, I got you covered.

What else do you struggle with when it comes to makeup? Let me know in the comments below and I'll cover it in my next blog!

Until then,

Chelsea M

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These are some great tips. Glad you included some examples of primers and moisturizers.

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Thank you!

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