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Here you’ll find a number of frequently asked questions about my services and offerings. I tried to include a variety of FAQs, but if you still have questions after going through the list, please get in touch directly, and I’ll answer them. I am happy to hear from you, and would love to work together.

Q: Do you travel for individuals?

A: At this time, I do not travel to individuals. I currently only travel for brides and bridal parties, special high-profile events (such as speaking engagements, seminars, etc), and on-site photoshoot services. Travel for such events may be requested via email:

Q: How long will my makeup last?

A: My makeup application lasts 12-16+ hours. I do not recommend wearing the makeup over 24 hours or sleeping in makeup!

Q: Where are you located?

A: I am now located at Studio 8 in Longwood, FL | 1275 Bennett Dr Longwood, FL 32750

Q: Does the deposit go toward the total cost of service?

A: Yes! $20 of the $22 deposit goes toward the service. $2 of the $22 goes toward the processing fee via card.

Q: Do you provide lashes with your service? 

A: Yes, 3D mink lashes come with the service. 25MM lashes are an add-on that can be selected on the booking page. Feel free to bring your own! However, the service price will remain the same.

Q: Should I get my eyelashes done before my appointment (eyelash extensions)?

A: While I do not recommend getting your eyelashes done before your appointment due to potential lifting/ falling out/ dirty lashes, etc. I am still able to somewhat work around them. Detailed looks are very limited with lash extensions.

Q: What happens if I don't get my eyebrows threaded before the appointment?

A: Your brows may look less clean with hairs peeking through the concealer, and overall would not provide as much of clean a look. I highly recommend and often require for clients to arrive with their brows threaded. 

Q: Can I bring a friend/ my child with me to my appointment?

A: You may not bring additional company. Parents/ guardians may wait in the waiting area for minors.

Q: What happens if I miss my appointment?

A: I completely understand that life happens. However, I will not tolerate no call/no shows unless a valid reason is given (bad traffic is not one of them). A one time rescheduling is possible with a deposit transfer and must be rescheduled for the same month. You must text to reschedule.

Q: How do I cancel my appointment?

Cancellations may be made online via the confirmation email(s).

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